Day 24: Fellabær/Egilsstaðir – Vopnafjarðarhreppur


Today I planned a day trip to Vopnafjörður, along a route that Guðmundur recommended to me.

First part of the ride is a bit boring, because it is along the ring road and then along a fairly straight gravel road. But then the road leads up to the Hellisheiði in serpentines with great views. Hellisheiði unfortunately is covered with fog. But still this section of the route is really great.

In Vopnafjörður I take a lunch break in the beautiful Kaupvangskaffi, where I have an excellent pumpkin soup and a wonderful cake.

On the way back I take the same route. Unfortunately the fog has not cleared on Hellisheiði.

Back in Fellabær, I want to get some bread for the ferry ride. The bakery in Fellabær is currently closing and the rest of the bread is being transported away. So I ride to Egilsstaðir to look for a bakery there. But the same vehicle is just in front of the door to pick up the unsold bread. I ask the driver if he'll sell me a piece of bread. He asks back if I just need a piece of bread. I say yes and he just says I should take one. Once again I ran into one of these nice Icelandic people.

Like the day before, I visit the swimming pool to enjoy the hot tub and sauna.

In the evening I do some repacking. I put all the things I want to take into the cabin on the ferry into the top case. I prepare as much as possible to spare some time in the morning.