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Photos and more photos

We have an own photo server, which will open in a new browser window on a click here.

The access to the server is limited to the photos which already are visible on this internet site.

In addition, there are many other photos, which are only reserved for our friends and relatives. To see them, you need a username and password for the server. Please ask for your access data.

A tip: Using a browser on the PC / MAC, you can use an extended search by clicking on the small triangle next to the magnifying glass. You may search for people, which are tagged in our photos. Also places and motifs are tagged, which can be searched for. You can also search for a specific date.

A further note: Many of the photos, especially since about 2013 are geo-tagged. That means you can see where these photos were taken. To do this, you have to click on the icon to the right of "Location tag" in the single view of the photos, then you get a small map in which you can zoom in or out.