Day 16: Arnarvatnsvegur – Norðurfjörður


Sleeping with the sound of water in your ears is wonderful. It was damp again at night, but in the morning it doesn't rain and so I can make breakfast before I'm back on the road again.

In the morning I have to struggle with somehow difficult gravel, but luckily this stretch doesn't take too long.

In Laugarbakki I refuel and take the opportunity to spray the motorcycle with some water. In Laugarbakki I meet the ring road again, which I leave at the N1 petrol station Staðarskáli already, where I take a break. From here I'm heading north towards the Westfjords.

First I ride to Hólmavík, where I refuel and take another break in the Sorcery cafe, where I have some lunch.

I decide to continue to Norðurfjörður today, but without the detour via the 645 to Drangsnes, because I'm afraid that this would be too long for the rest of the day otherwise.

The 643 to Norðurfjörður is a route that shouldn't be missed. There are a lot of fantastic views and landscapes. In Norðurfjörður there are two campsites. I can't make a decision. So I ride to the harbor first and am just about to orientate myself when a car stops and the driver asks me if I wanted to go to the swimming pool. Unfortunately – he tells me – it is closed today because of maintenance work. I would have loved to go to the swimming pool today. I'll ride to it anyway. The location is wonderful, but in fact the maintenance work is still in progress.

I choose the less visited campsite and it is really a good choice. There is a large hall which can be used by the campers. There are only toilets and no shower in there (for the shower one would have to pay extra; it's in the main building). In the big building is a washing machine and I can finally wash some of my clothes and hang them up to dry in the hall. The hall is also an advantage in the event of rain.

After all of this is done, I'll soon go to sleep. At night I have to go into the hall for a pee and there are some people talking loudly even though it is very late. I didn't even notice that three cars with about a dozen people and several tents arrived here in the night, although they are very communicative with each other.