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Namibia 2019/2020

Round trip through a diverse country

Diary with photos, text and route map for the journey through Namibia 2019/2020

Day tour along the river Elbe on 09/23/2019

Day tour along the river Elbe on the motorcycle

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather I decided for a day trip along the Elbe. Fortunately I did choose a weekday, because at the weekend I mustn't allowed to…

Amsterdam 2018

Pre-Christmas city trip to Amsterdam

Between 05. and 09. December 2018 we made a city trip to Amsterdam. It was a long time ago that we were in Amsterdam for the last time. Hapimag offers a very…

Canada/Alaska 2018

Motorcycle journey

Diary with photos, text and route map for the motorbike tour through West-Canada/Alaska

Tour, May 2018

Motorcycle tour in May in Schleswig-Holstein

Video of a single day motorcycle trip in May 2018

Mongolia 2017

Motorcycle journey: Riding East for adventure

This motorcycle journey took me in 59 days and 23483 kilometers through ten countries in the East: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan,…

Flims, Switzerland 2017

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

After a long time we wanted to hike in the mountains again and the offered accommodation (Hapimag resort) in Flims is an excellent choice for that purpose: many high…

Müritz 2017

Boat trip in the Lake Müritz Park for Easter

Together with friends we were on a 4 days boat tour on the Müritz Lake Park to celebrate Easter 2017.

Southafrica 2016/17

In the hunt for wild animals

On a photo safari tour through South Africa or how we got caught in the fascination of observing wild animals in the parks of South Africa.

Corsica/Sardegna 2016

Motorcycle journey on some gravel roads in Europe

Early September I started on my motorbike from Hamburg to Sardegna. The journey led me through Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy and Corsica. On Sardegna we…

Albania 2016

Motorcycle journey together with Markus

On our tour to Greece in 2014, we met Markus from Switzerland, who was travelling with his motorbike too. Since then, we have been in contact with each other and…

Autumn Journey 2015

Motorcycle trip via Austria to Italy and Switzerland

From Hamburg via Austria to Italy and via Switzerland. Spontaneously taking advantage of the good weather in the autumn, I decided for a trip across the Alps to…

Caranthia 2015

Hiking in Caranthia

We enjoy the hiking holidays in Carinthia very much. This time bad weather forecasts drive us to a little trip to Ronchi di Legionari

Morocco 2015

2up on the motorbike through Morocco

Destination of this motorcycle journey was a joint round trip 2up through Morocco. In addition, for me, it was getting there and getting back on the land way. I…

Greece 2014

Motorcycle round trip through Greece

In September/October 2014 we were on a 2 up trip on the motorcycle through Greece. It was the first time in a long time that we travelled together on the bike.

Carinthia 2014

Travelling on the motorbike: Carinthia, Slovenia, Italy

We decided to book an accommodation in Tonda, a beautiful Hapimag facility in Italy that we did not know before. On the way to the south we made as usual station in…

Tenerife 2014

Hiking Tenerife

We were only once on Tenerife on the way to El Hierro and only saw the southeast and the two airports and thus did not get the best impressions. But now we took a…

Motorcycle Journey 2013

From Hamburg to the south: along the Adriatic coast to Albania and back

By motorbike from Hamburg via the Alps to Italy and along the Adriatic Sea to the south through Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro to Albania and back via Macedonia,…

Carinthia 2013

Hiking in Carinthia

Once again we enjoy the apartment of Wolle's parents in Carinthia. We know the area very well and we always like to take scenic hikes in the area.

Italy 2013

Staying in Tonda

We decided to book an accommodation in Tonda, a beautiful Hapimag facility in Italy that we did not know before. On the way to the south we made as usual station in…

Taiwan 2011

Round trip on a wonderful island

Our second Taiwan tour with friends. With the expert guidance of our friend, who has written a travel guide about Taiwan, we experience Taiwan again very…

China 2010

China with Peking and Shanghai, Taiwan round trip and Hongkong

On this journey to China, we visited Peking/Beijing and Shanghai, then we took the flight to Taiwan, where we met our friends in Taibei, with whom we did a round…