Day 17: Norðurfjörður – Þingeyri


In the morning I talk to the group of Icelanders who arrived at the campsite late in the evening. They want to take a fishing boat to Reykjarfjörður, where they have rented a hut. They say that there is a warm swimming pool and that they have hiked in this area for many years, but this time they will spend a few days there. Sounds interesting.

Very soon I'm on my way back towards Hólmavík. The gravel road is really fun. In particular, the detour via Drangsnes, which I skipped the day before due to lack of time, is another highlight.

I don't have to go back to Hólmavík because I calculate that my gas will be enough to reach the next petrol station further on. In Reykjanes I refuel and have lunch. There is also a nice swimming pool, but today I still have to ride a little further. The road is leading in and out one fjord after another.

Nevertheless, I make a detour to Ísafjörður and through a tunnel to Bolungervík. From there one should definitely ride up to the Latrar Air Station, as one has a magnificent view from there.

The campsite in Þingeyri is wonderfully located at the coastline and right next to the swimming pool and is well-equipped. In the kitchen I get to know a well-traveled Austrian couple who are travelling in a Landcruiser.

The sunset here is really wonderful.