Day 22: Skógafoss – Flögufoss


In the morning I get into conversation with a young Israeli who only drinks tea for breakfast. He's run out of supplies during his hike and I'm offering him something for breakfast. Few days later one of the Israelis I met the day before sends me a photo of himself and this hiker. The two meet in Reykjavík and talk about people they met on the way.

There are numerous sights to see and detours to make along today's route. I take a detour to Sker. That's what Guðmundur suggested to me as a place to stay for the night, but which I was not able to reach the day before. The campsite there is wonderfully located and I would definitely plan a few days there if I visit Iceland again.

In Freysnes I run into Melanie and Marek again by chance at lunch.

Today I want to get to a wild camping site that Guðmundur mentioned to me and so I say goodbye to both of them soon again because it's still quite a way to go.

But very soon the weather becomes unstable and the fog increases quite a bit. So there is not so much to see, even when I arrive at the place mentioned by Guðmundur for a night camp. I find the right path, which I ride until the end of any vehicle tracks. There is my place for the night. Fog is around me, so I can't see much of the landscape.

After setting up my tent and cooking/eating, I'll soon make myself comfortable in my sleeping bag. It's a little “spooky” here. I text with Guðmundur and ask how I should behave if trolls or elves appear here during the night. His answer: “Just do not follow them into the big stones”.