From the failure of a travel planning

This journey should take me to a continent that is largely strange to us northern Europeans. In recent years, we have dealt with this continent a bit already and traveled to Morocco in the north and to South Africa in the south. Now, I wanted to explore this continent more intensively.

Already at the beginning of the year I started with the first plans and considerations. For some time, I had read reports and forums and provided me with more and more information and in the last few weeks already made a lot of preparations.

Unfortunately, I had to bury my travel plans at September 4th, 2019. Some important, unpredictable matters make it inevitable that I'm in Germany this autumn.

I'm very pity about the many efforts I had already done. I probably would have managed to do all the necessary visa matters. Unfortunately, I have to write off the all the financial expenses completely, but I was always aware of this risk, although I always hoped that it would not happen.

Well, we still will have a round trip through Namibia in a 4WD with roof tent. But I will not have another opportunity for a tour along the West African coast.

To all of you, whom I met during the planning and who helped me with answering questions, I want to wish safe travels and many wonderful memories.

All the best!