Day 13: Selfoss – Geldingadalir Volcano


After a delicious breakfast, to which I am of course invited, I spend the morning helping Guðmundur and his brother-in-law on the construction site of the new house. Well, I can't really help much, but at least I'm not in the way. I'm interested in how the Icelanders build here. Of course they do a lot of DIY.

After lunch I'm heading to Geldingadalir, where an active volcano currently attracts countless curious people. From the parking lot you have to walk quite a bit until you get to the foothills of the cooling lava. From there it goes steeply up a few hills. Especially in the motorcycle clothes you sweat quickly, which is not bad, because it is rather foggy and cold. The fog is also the problem today. You can't see the volcano at all in this weather. Bad preparation. I should have better checked online on the webcam beforehand to see how the visibility is today.

After the trip to the volcano, I go to the swimming pool in Grindavik to take a shower. Just taking a shower is significantly cheaper than entering the swimming pool. It's been two days since the last shower or bath and there is only a toilet on the holiday property. Then I have a ride around the peninsula, which offers some sights and return to the holiday home property on a route suggested by Guðmundur.

Again I spend a pleasant evening, today with even more family members. It is really great how I am welcomed here. The conversations with Guðmundur are wonderful. Two people meet here who have similar travel experiences, although Guðmundur has of course traveled a lot more than me.

During the night there is a wood fire around which everyone can warm up.