Day 11: Lambeyri Camping, Steinstaðaskóli – Kerlingarfjöll


My friend Guðmundur invited me to his sister's property near Selfoss for the long weekend around August 1st, so I head south across the highlands on the F35 called Kjölur or Kjalvegur.

The gravel route is not very difficult to ride and there are no water crossings either. I meet three couples in 4WD vehicles several times, a young German and a young Belgian couple and an older one from the Netherlands.

I have lunch with them in Hveravellir and also take a walk with the group afterwards.

I then ride on without the others, because I really want to ride the F735, the Þjófadalavegur, heading west, which at the end offers a distant view to the Langjökull. It's one of the most wonderful little roads I ride on Iceland. I really enjoy these 25 kilometers.

My destination for today, however, is Kelingarfjöll with it's beautifully located campsite. My travel companions of today also arrive here later with their 4WDs.

I know that a webcam is installed on site here and I call Brigitte and do some jumping jack so that she can recognize me on the webcam.

I hike a bit up the valley where a hot spring is waiting for my visit. The spring is well attended, but I can still find a place in there. Pure relaxation. A creek rushes down the valley right next to the hot spring. A really wonderful place.

I get in touch with some volunteers from different countries who are doing voluntary work on environmental projects. In this way, hiking trails and other tourist infrastructure are maintained.

I could stay here longer. Maybe as a volunteer in such an environmental project?