Day 09: Reykjahlíð, Mývatn – Siglufjörður


Since I am not interested in whale watching, I am not riding towards Húsavík, which is well known for it, but to Siglufjörður.

A sight on today's route is the Goðafoss, another impressive waterfall. There, however, I switch my camera into a mode that falsifies the colors, which unfortunately cannot be corrected afterwards. Therefore, today and on the following two days you may see pictures that seem a bit strange.

On the further trip to Siglufjörður the weather and the visibility is getting worse. Nothing to see of the impressive mountainn, fjords etc.

Between Dalvik and Ólafsfjörður I ride through a poorly lit one-lane tunnel. It is not easy to correctly assess the oncoming traffic and to swerve to one of the passing points at the right time.

In Siglufjörður I decide to spend the night at the campsite, which is in the middle of the village, and pitch up my tent. It has already started to rain and the rain is getting heavier. At some point the local employee who is responsible for the campsite comes by. Funny guy. He also offers me that I can use the little booth that is actually intended as his headquarter, but which he never uses. Fortunately, I set up my tent right next to it, so I gladly accept the offer. In the booth there is also a socket where I can charge my devices and an electric heater that runs at full power despite the holes in the wall. Energy costs next to nothing here. That has a significant effect on usage behavior.