Morocco 2015


In the year 2014 my italian friend asked me, if we should travel together with our motorcycles one more time. He was very excited about the idea to travel along the coast of Morocco down to the Westsahara. I checked that on the maps and counted a minimum of 12.000 km for a really short period of time available. But then the personal plans of my friend changed and we had to cancel the plans for a joint journey.

But after I started to consider travelling to Morocco, Brigitte and me had the idea of a journey as we already did in Greece last year.

After a long period of researching about flights and routes we managed to plan a joint journey to Morocco.

The journey has different parts:

We wrote down some memories for each day in German (sorry, no translation in English yet!) and did link the photos and routes of the day to it. There are no photos of ourselfes included. Our friends might contact us for access to the more private photos.

For those, who planning such a journey, it will probably be helpful to read about our preparations or take a glance on our Info page. If you like to see the map of the whole journey click here. And perhaps you like to read the acknowledgements, where we've listed a lot of people. Without them this journey wouldn't be the same, they made it unforgettable.