Day 03: A day on the ocean


I spend the day talking a lot. So I meet Birgit again, but also talk to Oliver and get into conversation with Markus (alias Marek) and Melanie. The two of them parked their motorcycles near mine and had already helped Oliver's friend, Markus, a German-American whose American-registered motorcycle Oliver had brought on board. For Markus it was no longer possible to make a booking on the ferry, so he took a flight from Copenhagen.

The two tech-savvy Oliver and Marek assure me that they will help me if there will be problems when we arrive on Iceland.

We arrive in the Faroe Islands in the late afternoon.

It later is accounced that you have to go to the ship's library for a check, where you had to present your vaccination certificate and passport. If everything is in order, you will be given a green confirmation card that is not individualized.

Most of the time, of course, my head revolves around the problem with my bike.