Day 18: Þingeyri – Patreksfjörður


In the morning I realize that I got a German motorcyclist with a BMW as a neighbor that night. Thanks to ear plugs, I didn't notice anything. After he leaves his tent, we only have a quick chat as I'm about to set off for the circuit around the peninsula. The route is known to be not easy and therefore I don't want to burden myself with my luggage and I leave everything in my tent at the campsite.

On the tour around the peninsula, I also meet the Austrian couple that I met the night before at the campsite. He's making a video of me with his drone.

In fact, the circuit would be passable with luggage, but without it's a bit more fun. The route is really spectacular and one of the highlights of my trip to Iceland. It is said that the route is only passable at low tide, but that is mainly true for the stormier seasons. A piece goes spectacularly under the cliffs directly along the water over large rounded stones. As probably most motorcyclists here I use my feet to balance through the most difficult parts. No way for me to make it standing in the pegs.

The route back to Þingeyri over the ridge is quite rough, as it is probably no longer maintained after a tunnel has been opened. But it offers beautiful views.

Back in Þingeyri I refuel and clean my bike. Then I break down my tent and have something to eat at the gas station. There I meet Einar, the cashier of the Icelandic BMW motorcycle club. Of course he also knows Guðmundur. One knows each other on Iceland.

The next sightseeing spot it the Dynjandi waterfall, which you already can see from afar and which looks like you would imagine a waterfall in a fairy tale or fantasy film. Very impressive.

The next trip over the ridge is unfortunately a bit damp and my motorcycle is getting pretty dirty again. Somehow I miss the exit to Patreksfjörður because of a construction site announcement and I have to turn around again and pass through the construction site a second time.

My destination for today is Patreksfjörður. There is a swimming pool with a nice view and after I've pitched my tent, I'm going for a swim. The view from the swimming pool is really great. I warm up in the hot tub, where I quickly get into conversation with a young Icelander. We talk about art and culture and it would have been nice to deepen this acquaintance, but unfortunately his girlfriend is waiting for him and I have to leave early the next morning.

Here's the video from the drone. Many thanks to Oskar Lehner for the video!