Day 10: Siglufjörður – Lambeyri Camping, Steinstaðaskóli


After a rainy and cool night, I treat myself to a nice breakfast in a nearby café.

Visibility in the morning is a bit better than yesterday, so I decide to take a gravel road from Ólafsfjörður to the west. A very nice route through two valleys. Unfortunately it starts to rain again. The campsite operator from Siglufjörður has recommended a campsite further south to me, which he likes to visit himself and which has a nice warm swimming pool. The last argument convinces me. So I head for this campsite and it fully meets my expectations.

I have a lot of time in the afternoon to warm up in the pool and to communicate from here. Later a young German couple arrives at the campsite with an old VW Golf, with whom I have a lively conversations for the rest of the day. We also share dinner.

This campsite is the only place where I couldn't pay with a credit card. The operator of the place also took Euros and returned Icelandic kronor as change.