Iceland 2021

The trip to Iceland actually came about by chance. I owe the idea to my friend Guðmundur, who commented on a Facebook post about my first vaccination against Corona. He wrote, I could come to Iceland without any problems after the second vaccination. Iceland was one of the first countries with the rule that you can enter if you are fully vaccinated.

In previous years, Iceland made headlines because of overtourism and was therefore not really up for me as a travel destination. Under Corona conditions, however, everything looks different. My friend Guðmundur estimated that this year only about 50% of the usual tourist number will come to Iceland compared to the years before Corona.

Nevertheless, booking the ferry was not that easy, because due to the Corona measures there are significantly fewer tourists on board than in normal times, as the cabins are not allowed to be shared with other travelers outside the family or travel group.

I am very happy that I did this trip. Iceland is fantastic, especially if you like to ride on unpaved roads. The nature and the landscapes are stunning. And as I was to find out, this also applies to the people in Iceland, who welcomed and supported me so kindly.

Iceland is a definite travel recommendation. I hope to come back again!