Tuesday 2020/01/07



After a small breakfast with the rest of the supplies, Wolle and Leo take the cars to the nearby car wash, while Astrid and Brigitte sort the luggage ready to fly. The car wash takes considerably longer than promised, so we arrive at Safari Car Rental around 12 a.m. to return the cars. It takes about half an hour there. Rudolf takes us back to town. He drops us off at the Namibian Crafts Center. We are still walking through the city, which is not really accessible to us and is also not very pretty either. After a coffee and a large piece of chocolate cake, we pass the time in Cymot Windhoek, a camping outfitter that has everything a camper's heart desires.

The last day, like the first day of the trip, ends with a dinner in the Urban Camp.

We sleep in the tents for the night as well as in the roof tents of our vehicles.