Saturday 2019/12/28



As usual, we get up early, have a small breakfast and then walk directly to the NWR office. We are lucky and the permit office is open on Saturdays. We buy our permit and get some information about our route southeast of Walvis Bay. The route should be easy to drive. Unfortunately the lady cannot tell us anything about the booking situation of the campground Sesriem (Soussusvlei). The phone number she tells us is not correct, neither is that from the website, nor is the one from Astrid's guidebook, but in the end the phone number from Brigitte's guidebook works and yes, there is a campsite and we hope that the reservation, for which Wolle used the name "Wolf" will work. Then we have a real second breakfast at the Village Cafe. Very colorful, very nice and delicious things. Then our paths separate and we stroll around in town for a while. Later we meet for a visit to the city museum. It is a beautiful and interesting exhibition of the animal world with stuffed animals including traces and droppings, but also about the flora and the settlement by the Germans. In the late afternoon we absolutely need something to eat and drink, three of us choose potato pancakes! The lighthouse is closed, but we still climb the tower of the Wöhrmann house. However, the visibility is moderate and there is haze from the sea.

The laundry is not ready at 5 pm, so we get a car and drive to the supermarket. The huge purchases are a bit annoying, but we just need supplies for the next few days, including water, food, snacks, non-alcoholic beer (rarely available!) and Savanna cider. After that, the laundry is ready and we reorganize bags, boxes and refrigerators. Wolle is still doing the route planning, which will be a bit more complicated tomorrow, because of some viewpoints along the Welwitschia Drive.