Monday 2020/01/06

Hardap Recreation Resort – Windhoek (Urban Camp)


The next morning we first do a tour in the north of the park and look for a place for breakfast. Unfortunately there is not much to see because the drought is extremely noticeable here too. This also applies to the Game Drive south of the reservoir. For example, a bird watching station is completely dry due to the low water level. Overall, it is a little depressing to see that a park has been created here that largely loses its wildlife and attractiveness without water. We see many animal cadaver.

At a detour to the reservoir we can still see some pelicans and herons.

We have lunch in the restaurant. The staff are very committed, despite or even though hardly any tourists seem to come here.

Then we drive the last part of the road to Windhoek. The journey is coming to an end and we are feeling a little melancholic.

We've pre-booked a campsite in the Urban Camp for the first night in Windhoek and will move to two tents for the last night.