Monday 2019/12/30

Homeb – Solitaire – Sesriem


In the morning we make a small detour to the “Henno Martin Shelter” at the Kuiseb Canyon. The shelter is more of a rock overhang than a cave, but the story behind it is quite interesting and the canyon is also quite impressive.

Two new geology doctors did hide there for two years after the outbreak of the Second World War to escape internment, waging an archaic struggle for survival.

We continue to Solitaire for lunch. This pretty place consists of a petrol station, restaurant, shop and many old cars decoratively placed on the site. In the shop we buy a sparkling wine to toast on New Year's Eve. During our last shopping on Saturday, we couldn't buy any alcohol, because in Namibia from Saturday noon to Sunday evening inclusive, no alcohol is sold in supermarkets etc.

In Sesriem we find that there is a reservation for Wolf, but unfortunately only for an overflow campsite that is almost shadowless. Leo asks what is the difference between the normal and the overflow campsites and indeed, the shadow makes the difference. After Brigitte jokes that her poor white skin will hardly be able to survive the direct sunlight, it works out, that there still is a choice of three campsites on the regular site. Much better! Of course we choose the campsite with the largest tree. After all, we want to stay here for two nights.

It is very hot and we first get some Rock Shandy before doing anything else. The cool drink refreshes us that we still make the trip to the Sesriem Canyon, which is about 4.5 kilometers away. In the canyon it is partially shady and therefore a good place to stay. Back from this excursion, we decide that we don't want to go on a sunset excursion today, especially since the next morning we want to start early in the morning for the sunrise over the dunes.

We still enjoy the “cool” pool for some time.