Saturday 2017/01/07

St. Lucia Wetlands


The St. Lucia Guesthouse is a very good accomodation, well run, perfectly organized, great breakfast buffet.

We're booking a boat trip for the afternoon and visit the eastern part of Isimangaliso Wetlands Park during the day. At first we still have acceptable weather and it does not rain very much. However, this changes and the rain becomes constantly, so even our short stop at Cap Vidal with its beautiful sandy beach isn't a pleasure at all.

The wild animals obviously also do not like the weather, we only spot a few of them. Or the conditions are just too bad today for a game drive, because you can't open the side window in this weather for a long time and the sight through them is quite limited.

On the way back we visit the Crododile Center just after the park exit. These animals which lying around there without any motion are really archaic! Unfortunately the time between the feeding of the animals at 3 pm and our boat trip is too short, so we have to leave earlier.

The boat trip is a great experience despite the pouring rain. We come very close to some hippo groups and can observe the very relaxed animals. Definitely highly recommended. Afterwards, however, we need a hot shower before we go out for dinner.

Today we take fish as alternative to the meat. After dinner, we're on the hippo search with the car. In the dark the hippos like to graze in the town. But not today. As often as this is liked to be told, this does not seem to happen.

In the night again heavy rain. Let's hope that it has rained enough and the weather will now change to a more expected one from South Africa.