Saturday 2016/12/31

Blyde Wilderness Lodge – Krüger National Park


The Kruger National Park is immediately wonderful from the first kilometer. The photos are the prove for it!

The security people at the gate ask for weapons etc. as there is still a problem with poachers in the park. You also need a pre-booking for the park, at least if you want to stay. We have heard that other tourists have not been able to do so, so they could only make day tours. This is not recommended, since the routes are very far and we can not imagine that one day for the Krüger National Park is enough.

The camps are amazingly quiet at night. Although there are numerous groups who do barbeque, there is no noise and also the animal world is pretty quiet. Amazing. We expected more "ecological noise".

And the stars are just magical here. Even if we have not yet understood how the moon is moving here.