Thursday 2017/01/19

Swellendam – Cape Town


After a nice breakfast outside, from where we can observe numerous sunbirds approaching to a feeder installed by the hosts, we continue in the direction of Cape Town in rather good weather conditions.

We drive almost on the South African wine road and want to cross the Bain's Kloof, another small pass. None of the small towns we pass, offers a good place for a coffee break. There are not so much cafes in the cities and we don't have time to visit one of the many wineries along the route. Next time we would stay in such a vineyard for the night, just to taste the culinary delights and, of course, the wines.

On the way to Bain's Kloof, Brigitte notices that the reserve indicator light is flashing. Ups, we have completely forgotten to refuel. The nearest gas station is in about 15 kilometers distance and it's on the way back. So we turn around and hope we can still get there with the rest of our fuel. Luckily it works. But there are only 3.5 liters of gas left in the car when we refuel, we would have been out of fuel on the pass.

The Bain's Kloof Pass is another scenic highlight. There is a place for bathing in the river nearby a very quiet campsite halfway. Would certainly a nice place to stay.

Our first break is in Wellington, where, after some searching, we find a organic food/goods store (!), as they were existing in Germany some 30 years ago. There we get a vegetable wrap and a cappuccino and talk with the shopkeeper, who is very enthusiastic about the tourists' visit.

Next stop is the famous Stellenbosch in the Winelands just before Cape Town. We stroll a little through the place, where you can find some old Victorian houses – but quite touristic here. However, the city has an university and you can feel and see on the streets and therefore it's not only tourism.

Until we are in Cape Town in our accommodation, the Lezard Bleu, it is quite late already and so we are aks Lizzy, the "boss" employee, to recommend a restaurant and call a taxi for us. The "Fork" offers a menu with wonderful little dishes, you order one after another until you're done. From the German couple at the neighboring table, we learn, that they are in the same accommodation as we. They offer us a lift back in their car and alltogether have a nice and entertaining evening.