Monday 2017/01/16



At night it has been raining, in the morning it is cloudy and has a bit rain, but during the day it is getting sunny.

The city has a gold treasure history, though not very successful. And there are some small walks nearby, all of which somehow connected to this history, or at least leading to old mines. Our first walk leads along a small river to a mini-waterfall, the vegetation is dense, initially interesting, but at bit boring very soon. It's good to walk. It's amazing, that we don't see or hear any animal when walking in the bush, and so we remember a South African, who told us: "When you walk through the bush you can only see the back of your guide".

The second stop is at an old gold miner's village, the tour is not quite open to us. There's not much to see of the mine, as well as of the cemetery, and the museum has closed. At the cemetery there are a few signs with short biographies of the people buried there. Amazing lives for the time around 1880: from London via America to South Africa or from Ireland via Australia to South Africa, then to die in the mid thirties on "fever".

At the beach of Brenton on Sea (located a bit west from Knysna) we enjoy the spectacle of the endless waves. It's only allowed to bath in the sea on a section of about 10 meters, which has been defined by three liveguards. Oh, it's beautiful here, even if the number of holiday resorts is increasing rapidly in this area.

An advantage of the touristic infrastructure: there's an Italian restaurant and therefore we decide for pizza and beer.