Monday 2017/01/23

Cape Town


Our last morning: We just manage to leave our room at 10:59 in time.

We drive to the Kirstenbosch botanical garden and stroll around there for our last few hours, as our departure is not until 6pm. Here we have some beautiful last impressions of the South African botany, but the animal world also wants to say goodbye. We spot an owl in the undergrowth at a small stream and last but not least a very beautiful sunbird.

On the way to the airport, we are once again passing a townships (a better one), of which we can take a few photos. We didn't see one of the mega-townships. But they are reality in South Africa. For example, 2 of the 4 million inhabitants of Cape Town already live in a township, which is very small compared to the whole city area.

Car leave and check-in works without problems. Brigitte takes a movie from our car with the iPhone, another traveler advised us to do so. Obviously did impress the people of the car rental company.

A great journey with fantastic animal observations and beautiful landscapes, but also ambivalent impressions about a society, which is probably still split for a long time, is coming to an end.

Before the aircraft starts, technicans have to work on a technical problem, which is why the air conditioning in the aircraft remains off for quiet a while. Not very pleasant in the heat. However, we arrive on time in Frankfurt on Tuesday morning and can easily get our connecting flight to Hamburg, where we buy some foodstuff for a first home-made breakfast in our village shop.

Hamburg, we're back again!