Saturday 2017/01/21

Cape Town: Lion’s Head, Center, Table Mountain


In the morning we drive to the Lion's Head. A trail winds around the mountain. It's hot and it's quite exhausting. Brigitte is not in the best condition, so she decides on 2/3 of the way to have a break under a tree and to explore the city from there, whilst I'm continuing to the peak.

One should be quite careful, because there are some steep part on the trail with high steps in the rocks. The view all round however is impressive.

Afterwards, we walk around in the center of Cape Town and take a short break. Here as well, "white" and "black" change within a few streets.

In the afternoon we heading to the Table Mountain. It is tempting to climb it on his own – perhaps another time. Today we take the cable car. The view from Table Mountain is magnificent. The view to the south of the Cape changes every minute. It becomes a bit hazy and on the horizon one can no longer distinguish where the sea ends and the clouds begin. We are not waiting for the sunset, because it is getting windy and very cold. So we are back in the city on time and enjoy an excellent dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant Saigon.