Friday 2017/01/06

Utshwayelo Lodge – St. Lucia


On the way from Kosi Bay to St. Lucia, we don't have a break. There is a game reserve along the road and also a detour to the Sodwana Bay would be possible. But we don't want to do too much detours.

Not far from St. Lucia we change our plan and take the road through the Isimangaliso Wetland Park. On Lake St. Lucia we have a small picnic break at Charters Creek with a beautiful view to the lake. Even if it is warned everywhere of Hippos and Crocodiles - we can't spot any of them.

On the way we decide for a very nice detour on a very narrow street, with two wonderful viewpoints, where you can also get out of the car. At one of them you can walk along a 350-meter-long path to a wooden footbridge, which offers a very nice view over Lake St. Lucia. It is a strange feeling to walk on such a path where you never know if a wild animal is around next corner.

When driving over the bridge to St. Lucia, we also see the first hippos, but we decide to drive first to our accommodation for the next two nights.

Our host there is very friendly and gives us an excellent introduction, what can be done from here and what he would recommend us in which order. We appreciate this kind of service very much!

In the afternoon, we decide to walk to the beach of the Indian Ocean for the first time. There is a stiff breeze. The beach is wide and the sand very fine. On the way back we see young monkeys dangling around the dunes.

For dinner we choose one of the hotspots, the Ski Boat Club. You can sit outside and our travel guides gives the guarantee, that you can always watch crocodiles and hippos there. Well, a crocodile we can confirm, which floats past in some distance. The second one could also be a tree trunk .... but we don't spot Hippos.

We are back in our accommodation early and are very tired.