Monday 2017/01/02

Krüger National Park: Skukuza Rest Camp – Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp


We start slow today, first taking breakfast in the restaurant. Impressive, what South Africans can eat for breakfast. The buffet is warm and dripping with fat! Good appetite! We decide for an toast with scrambled eggs and for the "Healty Breakfast" (muesli with fruits). The latter is the first choice among foreign tourists.

The first part of the trip is uneventful. Even a ranger is asking us if we had seen lions or the something.

But then beautiful birds, the first Rhino, the first hippo and monkeys.

The Camp Berg-en-Daal is the most beautiful of the three camps: a bit smaller and we have a quite well equipped bungalow for our own. Today we cook meatless noodles with tomato sauce. Something that South Africans probably can't imagine. There is not much to eat without meat in the supermarket. And even avocados and oranges are not usable.

And by the way: During a afternoon coffee break, a vervet monkey was so quickly grabbing some of the sugar packs on our table, as fast as one could not even think. Pretty impressive!