Sunday 2017/01/22

Cape Town


Relaxed breakfast and Sunday program. We decide to stay the day in the city and go to the waterfront, a mixture of shopping, food and old harbor. At some places there are music groups playing and singing. We stroll around, buy a few little things, having some food and drink here and there. Funny is a seal, which was obviously raised in the bay and now regularly enjoys the people. We happen to be sitting at the best place to watch it as it suddenly appears at his "place" at the waterfront.

In the afternoon, we enjoy the spectacle of the clouds flowing over the Table Mountain from different sightseeing points. This is like looking at the surf at the sea.

At the end of the day we get a pizza, which we enjoy in the accommodation with the piano play of a Swiss guest in the background. We have some nice talks with our hosts Niki and Chris and later on with the very pleasant Swiss couple.