Day 13: Hike up to the Rosskofel


In the morning we now have almost wintry temperatures of 6 degrees. But since there is brilliant sunshine, we have breakfast on the balcony and decide to try the Rosskofel a second time. Maybe this time we can get a view to Italy. We take the same route as last Saturday: Tresdorfer Alm, gondola up to Madridschen Sattel, along the lake and over the wonderful scree field up to the summit. It's going well: from the Großglockner to the Nockberge we have a fantastic panorama; wonderfully nicely explained by a descending elderly Austrian gentleman. But it already becomes apparent on the way: Zero visibility on the summit and quite cold. Fortunately, the blanket of fog is so thin that the sun warms up a little bit. Up at the summit we ring the bell, have a snack and then walk down over the Rudnig Sattel to the Rudnig Alm. Soup, shandy, Kaiserschmarrn. So the day wasn't quite as we had hoped, but it was a good end to our holidays here.

And by the way: Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow the so-called "Skytrails Nassfeld" will take place here with races between 8.6 km length/580 meters in altitude up to the ultra run over 56.5 km length/4,650 meters in altitude.

Our hike today was about 14.6 km and we conquered 746 m ascent and 1027 m descent - but the Skytrail runners are certainly much faster than us :-)

For dinner (today really bread and cheese) we get the last chilled bottle of Prosecco from the Hapimag mini shop. The last evening here wants to be celebrated.