Day 06: Excursion to Hermagor and rest day


After breakfast (so far every morning on the balcony) we drive to Hermagor and explore the shopping area. We get an Italian hiking map, some items from the supermarket and Strudel for afternoon coffee.

In St. Stefan, 10 minutes away, there is said to be a butcher that prepares fresh meat and cheese noodles. And so it is, dinner for today and tomorrow is assured. That's a good thing, because the range of restaurants in Sonnleitn is limited through off-season. And because everything looks so good in the shop, we spontaneously decide for meat loaf. On the way back we stop in a shop at the entrance to Hermagor, which actually has everything we were looking for. This will probably be our shop for the rest of the time.

When we drive up to Sonnleitn again, it starts to drip a little, which then increases to a heavy rain after we are back in the apartment. There we make ourselves comfortable for the rest of the day.