Day 07: Hike to the Rudnigalm and Madritschen


At breakfast the clouds are barely higher than our balcony, so it's fresh outside. So we start slowly and stay in the apartment until around 11 am. After yesterday's rain we take the gravel road to the Rudnigalm. On the way up a marmot discovers us and draws his extended family's attention to the danger with a piercing whistle. At the Rudnigalm we first treat ourselves to a Kaiserschmarren, which we have been looking forward to all the way. In the meantime it is bit cloudy but the view is good. We are strengthened and so we continue to hike up to the Madridschen to take the Millenium Express gondola back down to the Tresdorfer Alm. Where the cheese was washed on the first hiking day, everything is now closed. Partly on gravel paths, partly through the forest, we return to Sonnleitn.