Day 09: Excursion to Tolmezzo


Today we have an appointment with our friends from Italy and want to meet halfway in Tolmezzo. We leave at 9 a.m.. Unfortunately we have rainy weather when crossing the Plöckenpass (Passo di Monte Croce Carnico). On the way back we want to drive the Nassfeldpass (Passo di Pramollo).

At 11 a.m. we arrive in Tolmezzo, where we have arranged to meet our friends for an aperitif. Since the friends are still stuck in a traffic jam on the highway, we first have a coffee. Our friends arrive soon and after the aperitif we drive to the Trattoria Al Pescatore a few kilometers outside of Tolezzo for lunch, which lasts until the afternoon: Homemade pasta or starters with raw and smoked trout, then grilled trout and, for dessert, tiramisu and crostata with nuts and figs. Delicious!

Unfortunately, it remains quite rainy and so we only take a short walk around the trattoria after dinner. Then our friends drop us off in Tolemezzo and we set off to Pontebba, where we want to drive over the Passo di Pramollo to Sonnleitn. But in Pontebba there are signs that say the pass is closed. We consider the alternatives and decide on an adventurous variant that we drove many years ago. This leads on a single-lane road over the mountains in the direction of Passo Polentin (also Passo di Meledis or Straniger Sattel). However, we do not drive over the pass (gravel road), but on to Paularo. The track requires a lot of attention, because at the corners the oncoming traffic is not visible. There are always potholes that can only be seen in the last moment. Fortunately, Brigitte doesn't have too much oncoming traffic. The route is absolutely great when the weather is nice, but not today without visibility and with a lot of rain. We need about two hours until we finally get back on the route to the Plöckenpass, on which we then do the rest of the way back to Sonnleitn.

The rest of the evening we stay in the apartment. It rains heavily all night.