Freitag: Stoúpa - Portochéli

Stoúpa - Ítilon -Gíthio - Kosmás- Leonídio - Náfplio - Portochéli

Across the mountains of the Mani, then through a wide plain with groves of orange trees, olive trees and in the front gardens shining pomegranates. Then the southern Párnon mountains with red rock walls. In the middle of it, Elónis Monastery clings to the rock. On the edge of the Dáfnon gorge in many serpentines to the coast at Leonídio. Very impressive and beautiful.

We are making better progress than expected. However, today we see so many funeral memorials as on our whole journey. One has the impression that on every third bend people have died.

Small fried fish and salad for lunch, sweets and coffee in Náfplion.

With the arrival at the Hapimag (our accommodation) the end of the wonderful round trip (2,275 km on the bike together).