Sunday: Lefkada

Biskotti from the landlord mother for breakfast.

Coffee on the way to the beach, meeting the Swiss motorcyclist from Kastraki again (Markus from Graubünden). We ride together to the beach of Egrimni, fantastic water.

Lunch together with Markus in Vasilikis (Markus wants to catch the ferry to Kefallonia) and long talk. Wolle and I return through the mountains to the north with a detour to the beach of Kathisma.

On a high plateau a shepherd stops us and wants to scrounge a cigarette - barely teeth in the mouth but a very good English. A dropout? He says it was a bad year and a lot of fruits and vegetables are rotten.

Dinner in Lefkada, ok.

Have about 20 mosquito bites which are feeling much more ...