After looking at the webcam of the Stubnerkogel, the decision is made quickly – hardly any view and therefore not worthwhile to take the cable car up there. The cable car is too expensive for that. Too bad. A summit hike would have been nice. Well, this way we have a reason to come back. Instead we hike through the valley to the Prossau hut and from there further on for an hour up to a spot with a view of the valley. All the day, running water accompanies us, at all speeds and volumes. It dribbles, it ripples, it gurgles, it rustles, it thunders. The meadows are accordingly green and the forests mossy. On the way back we stop at the Prossauhütte and fill ourselves up. The altitude difference makes you hungry. Then a detour to the foot of a waterfall. And then leisurely back through the valley. Almost 20 km and around 600 vertical meters in a more then 7 hours – another great day.