According to the weather forecast, today is the best day. So we take the cable car up to the Graukogel. We start hiking from the station at 1,954m to the Hüttenkogel (2,231m) and over a ridge to the Graukogel (2,492m). Our way south is really spectacular. At first we are a bit unsure whether we can handle this ridge – Wolle is the scout and takes a look over the next rocks and yes, it should work for us. It's getting a real climbing. Sometimes it goes down steeply on the left and right side, you often have to look for the way and it does not only require the help of the hands. But after a while we become safer and it's getting fun. So today we reach the Reedsee from above – too cold for us to take a bath, but a wonderful scenery. In general: We have great looks today! The descent into the valley is really exhausting. We already knew from yesterday. Wolle gets blisters, Brigitte a hurting knee.

Once at the bottom, we reward ourselves with delicious smoked trout, two large beers and a poppy seed strudel. Great! Then we drag ourselves home and fall into bed almost immediately.