Nuremberg – Bad Gastein

We get a delicious breakfast buffet and are very happy about it given the breakfast experience on our June trip. We learn that since the corona lockdown, it is the first day that a buffet is offered.

The highway is crowded again and it keeps jamming, only we have no real alternative to Munich. Shortly after the junction to Kufstein/Innsbruck we leave the motorway and continue on the country road to Bad Gastein.

Bad Gastein

Unfortunately the weather is getting worse and we arrive in the rain. Bad Gastein is located to the left and right of the river on the valley slopes with huge old, sometimes completely dilapidated villas. Kaiser Wilhelm is said to have had 20 spa treatments in Bad Gastein, so the place must have been fashionable at the beginning of the 20th century. We are told that renovation plans have been underway for many years – which is also necessary to retain tourists in the future.

We have a nice appartment at Hapimag, not in the main villa, but in an annex with a great view over the valley.

On a rather damp walk we get a first impression, marvel at the waterfall and enjoy constant rustling and splashing everywhere.

Since we had already eaten something at lunchtime (sausage, of course), there was a vegetarian falafel in the evening with vegetables and flatbread.