Wednesday 2016/05/11

From Sarajevo via Mostar to Klek


The last day we travel together on the bikes we ride from Sarajevo to Mostar. The weather is bad again and it also has some truck traffic today.

Markus, who rides in front of me, is fast on overtaking and I follow him. After a tunnel we overtake on a double solid line and - oh, oh - there is a police car and beckons us to stop. I'm thinking of my experience with the overrun stop sign in Spain last year. This can be expensive, I know from experience. But we do not want to deny anything here either. It was obvious. "We have a problem," says one of the two policemen who fortunately speaks English. We have to pay the penalty to a bank or post office and then have to come back to them to show the receipt. I ask, where is the next deposit office? Well, that's probably 15 kilometers away. Such a crap, that not only means we're getting rid of money, but we also loose a considerable amount of time. To find a post office or a bank, paying the fine and then riding back. Phew! That suchs. One of the police men returns to the car to write the fine receipt. Markus asks the other one how much the fine will be. He asks us if we are tourists. Yes, of course, we answer. And then he signals us, we should continue. We talk to him a bit longer. Everything was very friendly. We are relieved and swear that we have learned our lesson. We're lucky again!

We arrive in Mostar at lunchtime. There are not quite as many tourists here as it was 3 years ago in September. The motorcycle parking lot is the same one I used then and the price is still the same (5 Euro per bike, but with the possibility to leave your stuff in the bar right next to it).

We have a modest lunch in every means and walk around the "Old Bridge" area, but soon head on towards Klek, where we arrive in the afternoon and park our bikes in Alfiyo's garage.

For dinner, we get on the car. In Klek no restaurant has opened yet. The season will start in mid-June.

We want to go to a different restaurant than last time but we are unsuccessfully until we meet a police patrol which is doing speed control in the opposite direction. I suggest Markus to ask them for the nearest good restaurant. And I do so "Police is your friend and helper". And we had a nice encounter with policemen today already. The two policemen here try their best too. First they recommend a restaurant, which is located in a distance of 20 kilometers. Then they come up with a different idea and call a restaurant, which is only 1.5 kilometers distance and offers fresh fish for us. We can also drink a good beer there, says one of the policemen. Well, then the boys will probably shut one eye on our drive home?

So, following the recommendation of the police the second time today, we stop at the restaurant and order a fish platter. Delicious!

On the way home we make sure that we are not driving too fast at the spot where our buddies of the police are waiting with the radar gun. But they seem to have finished work already.