Sunday 2016/04/24

Drive from Slovenia to Klek in southern Croatia


After breakfast, we start to Klek, which is located at the end of the highway through Croatia right in front of the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The ride again is rather boring and tedious. We change drivers as we did the day before. Unfortunately, the weather is not good. We have rain every now and then and it is also not very warm. No good prospects for the next day.

We arrive in the afternoon and after locating our landlords. We can store the trailer in the garage, but there's no space for the car. But we can leave the car at the pier, no problem, our landlord Alfiyo says.

We unload our bikes and prepare them for the planned departure tomorrow. We put railer and motorcycles in the garage.

Our hosts have already announced in advance that we will get dinner when we arrive. In Klek it's off season and no restaurant is open.

So we're getting served a great dinner consisting of a mixed fish and meat plate by Alfiyo and his son. Whoowww! That starts well and we are pretty relaxed during dinner. Since Brigitte is not there, I have to prepare the fish, because Markus as a Swiss guy isn't a "fish head" either (to explain: "fish head" is what you call the North German coastal inhabitants).