Wednesday 2016/04/20

Hamburg - Freiburg


The ride from Hamburg to Freiburg is long and quite uneventful. If you live so far to the north, you just have to get to the south somehow. You have to go through that.

Freiburg is a very good place for a break on the way to the south. Not only because of the beautiful city, but because I can visit Gudu there.

I arrive quite early and as Gudu still holds two yoga classes, I have plenty of time to wander around town. It is sunny and many people, mostly students, enjoy the warmth at the river Dreisam or at the Schlossberg. It is a very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere that I enjoy very much. As far as I can remember, I've never been out for a walk on the Schlossberg. I enjoy this walk after almost 800 kilometers on the bike.