Monday 2016/04/25

Excursion to Dubrovnik


Getting up in the morning: rain all around.

We decide to stay another day in Klek, which does not cause any problems for our landlord.

For today we just want to make a trip to Dubrovnik by car.

We park there centrally and expensive in the parking garage of the Hilton Imperial. As soon as we are out from the parking garage we get into a heavy rain shower and we flee as quickly as possible into a café/restaurant, where we want to take breakfast. In Klek we have rented an apartment without breakfast. After breakfast and when the rain has stopped, we stroll around a bit in the old town. Markus inquires whether there is a shop somewhere in which you can get motorcycle accessories. He wants to get waterproof motorcycle gloves. From the tourist information we are sent to a "shopping center". There is no motorcycle shop there. In an office for tourists tours, we ask two ladies, who just remember, that somewhere should be a shop. This seems to have closed. We ask at a neighboring hotel and get another address from the internet of a motorcycle repair shop. At that place they tell us about another workshop. After this little typical Balkan odyssey, we actually find motorcycle gloves for Markus in the latter store. Very fun shopping experience.

We then head up the mountain over Dubrovnik and look at the top station of the cable car and Croatian War of Independence Museum on Mount Srd, which gives us a first impression of the horror of the Balkan war.

In the evening we go to a hotel a few miles further to have dinner. The food is not bad in the hotel and we have some pretty interesting conversation with the young waiter.