Friday 2016/04/22

Freiburg - Lantsch/Lenz


The ride from Freiburg to Switzerland to Markus is not so far with about 370 kilometers, but we have arranged for lunch time to change tires on my GS. The TKC70 will be replaced by the TKC80 for the Albania tour. And since at least I have not made a tire change myself, we want to have a bit of buffer, so that we can go to a workshop in case of doubt, to make the tire change there.

Finally we do not need this option. We're getting along pretty well with the tire change, though the pros would probably laugh about us. Fortunately, Markus has all the necessary tools, such as a tire changer (manual) and a compressor in his garage. But thinking about having to change a tire along the road without a tire changer, etc., that's quite a challenge. You should have practiced that before!

Of course, after the tire change the new tires want to be tried out. I almost fall off the bike a few times, so strange are the studded tires for me, especially because they are still unused. Be very cautiious when riding with new tires!

After the nice little trip, we start to load the bikes on the motorbike trailer of Markus and lash them. It's easy and fast. But beware! It is important to check the lashing regularly! The movement of the motorcycles while driving sometimes causes the straps to disengage from the anchorages.

Soon all things are packed and the panniers are stowed in the car. Luc, Markus son, comes home and we have dinner together.

We are already for the adventure!