Saturday, 2013/09/14

In the morning I wake up earlier than my fellow rider and decide to let him sleep and to go for a photo safari through Trogir. The old town lies in beautiful morning light and I really enjoy strolling around the small island in the daylight.

My rider calls me soon and we meet at the main gate in the old town. We get a breakfast and stroll around Trogir again. This little town is really beautiful.

At breakfast we make the decision to ride to Trieste today. I decide to ask Brian and Barbara in Munich if I can visit them on the way back.

On the way back to the apartment, we cross a very colorful market.

At ten o'clock our landlady knocks on the apartment door for the first time. The day before I had told her this time for our departure. But we still need a while until we have finished packing. Half an hour later, we are at the motorcycles. I send the landlord another SMS to thank for the beautiful apartment. 2 minutes later she comes over with her husband, because they want to clean the apartment immediately. They say goodbye to us. It is always great to experience this kindness. We stayed for 50 euros in a 3-room apartment.

We decide that we ride the direct route via the motorway, because we have quite a lot of kilometers ahead of us. Therefore, we take the road up to a mountain range into the inland, from where we can once again look back on Trogir. The sentimental farewell day of the Adriatic has begun.

Near Senj we ride back to the coast. The highway leads to far into the inland and we want to have lunch on the Adriatic Sea. Shortly after Senj we find a beautifully located restaurant and enjoy for the last time the view of the Adriatic coast and a very delicious food in a pleasant environment.

Brian replied that I'm welcome and that they plan to have dinner in a Peruvian restaurant on Sunday evening. Sure I will join them!

We enjoy the last part of the journey along the Adriatic coast. As we pass the spot where we took our first break on the first day of the joint trip, sharing our provisions and having espresso, we become quite sentimental. Ceaselessly this wonderful journey comes to an end. The small money exchange shop, where we met the first tim, is closed today. That seems already a long time ago.

In the evening we'll talk about it again. Both of us feel like we've known each other forever. Occasionally, during the trip, we have talked about the fact that we must have met: similar age, similar motorcycles, starting the same morning from Monfalcone, with the same destination, in a linguistic constellation that provides enriching communication with each other, both with so much tolerance that living together in small rooms for the time of the journey is possible without any problems, and some additional connecting points and, of course, many independently made travel experiences.

I am very fortunate that I was not only allowed to experience an unforgettable trip together with my Italian rider, but that I also found a good friend on this trip.