Monday 2016/09/12

Bastia – Camping U Paradisu/Plage de Saleccia

I would have liked to use the comfortable bed in the cabin a bit longer, but at five o'clock in the morning, the guests were aroused by an announcement and asked to have breakfast and make their cabins free.

I'll have breakfast later. But I get up too and enjoy the ride along Cap Corse to Bastia, which is illuminated by the light of the rising sun.

I quickly get off the ferry and turn right/North into the direction of Cap Corse. For breakfast, I make a small detour into the mountains, along a route marked on the map as a scenic route. There I get a wonderful petit déjeuner from a very friendly and very attentive service woman. I have to emphasize this, since both characteristics are not necessarily exist for the service staff in Corsica.

Back on the road I soon catch up with a group of motorcycles of about 10 motorbikes. I notice very quickly that this by no means is a travel option for me. This is worse than driving in a big city at the main traffic time!

The weather is wonderful and I decide to make a detour to the beach in the north east of Cap Corse. To my great pleasure, there is a bit of off-road track right next to the beach. I cool down swimming in the wonderful water and watch the little cow herd on the beach just as curiously as the cows watch the behaviour of these strange tourists.

On the way back to the main road I meet the couple again, whom I gave a bottle of water the night before. They are on the road with a large RT, which in the top case even provides a make-up mirror for the pillion rider. They're just building up their tent on a campsite. I stop only for a short chat, and then continue on my way around Cap Corse.

In the north I make a detour to Barcaggio. Like another bike I park my motorbike next to restaurant at the waterfront and, barely descended, got insulted in French by the restaurant boss. First I don't understand what she's telling to me, but then I understand that she complains about my parking with the exhaust into the direction of the restaurant. Well, I can understand that and I'm sorry if I should have harassed someone, but to welcome a guest in this way is perhaps not the best welcome.

Nevertheless I take a seat there and at first only order something to drink, because I'm still a bit confused about this a bit offending waitress, which only speaks in French to me. After studying the menu, I also order something to eat, which again causes a comment from the waitress in French, which amuses the other guests which are exclusively French. Ok, you feel really welcomed as a tourist this way. Thanks for that!

The food is good, however I get further parking instructions from the waitress when paying. Hmmh, somehow this will not be my favourite place!

My next stop is Moulin Mattei, which is located at the north-western top of Cap Corse. It's a windmill which has been purchased and restored by the Apertif company Mattei for advertising purposes and from which one has a beautiful view to the coast.

There I meet two motorcyclists from Germany, who are traveling with two beautiful old BMW GS bikes and talk a bit with them. It is very hot and they don't like to walk up to the windmill. Later I will see them a few more times and I will take a wonderful picture of them riding their bikes.

The views of the coast always invite you to stop. But only in Nonza I have a stop with a walk around the village. You could lose a lot more time on this route, but I would like to reach a campsite, which I've been already told by the Frenchman, who was on the ferry too. Now a group of Italian riders also mention this campground to me. They're staying there and tell me, that I will have to ride offroad for about 30-40 minutes from the main road to the campsite. Well, let's see how long I will need for it.

At a gas station in Saint-Florent I refuel and realize that I urgently need to refill oil. I buy some oil and decide to do the refill at the campsite later and I attach the oil bottle with the belts on the bag behind me.

There are still a few kilometers to the junction to the recommended camping on the coast. The gravel road leads through the désert des Agriates. By motorbike it is not very difficult to ride, only in some places you have to take care about the sand and at certain times also about the 4x4 taxis, which pass through much more quickly than the usually considerate 4x4 tourists. However, it is very scenic road. I rush through here, but at least notice that I lost my oil bottle. So I've to turn back again and fortunately find my oil bottle only slightly damaged. Since I have nothing to wrap around the bottel, I now have to do the oil refill at the roadside.

The boy at the reception at the campsite is only talking in French, but I understand, I can choose a place for my tent as I want. Electricity is only in the main building, Wifi too. Well, I've already booked a one week internet pass for Europe at my mobile phone provider.

From my neighbors I learn that in the evening the restaurant will be open. That's great, because I have no supplies with me. After building up my tent, I've a walk to the beach, watching the sunset there.

When I go to the restaurant, I get informed, that you have to pre-order for dinner. Well, I'm not the only one who has not been told this significant detail from the reception boy. Fortunately, the kitchen decides that even the ignorant should get something to eat. For everyone who signs up for the meal, a name card is written and you're told to return in 15 minutes. Coming back and finding my name card, I'm placed at the same table as a couple from Austria. Fortunately, the two Austrians are very communicative and so I spend an unforgettable evening with both of them and we were the last to leave the restaurant this evening.