A first hike near Flims for getting used to it. We are lucky with the weather, which is getting better and better throughout the day.

For the first day we have chosen a easy trail as we are both not very fit - the last weeks were quite exhausting.

The trail is leading along two beautiful lakes, first one the Lake Cauma, the later one the Lake Cresta. The water of the lakes has a wonderful blue-green color and is shining through the trees as you approach the lakes.

We're also passing by the Rhine Gorge, into which we had an amazing view from the lookout platform Il Spir - we were not really aware about the Rhine here.

Amazing are the countless butterflies and insects swirring around. A wonderful relaxing first day here in Flims.

In the evening we have a three-course menu in the apartment of the Hapimag. We try to cook ourselves, because we already paid more than 9 Euros for two Cappucino at the Lake Cresta. Vacation in Switzerland is nothing for poor Germans ;-). Today I realized, why so many Swiss people are traveling around the world and about half of the long-term traveler seem from Switzerland. For Swiss people the rest of the world is a bargain.