Packing for a motorcycle trip (2up) with camping equipment is a real challenge. It's not easy to get everything on the bike. But it gets even more difficult when the motorcycle and the passengers fly and do that at different times. There is also to pay attention to what is allowed and how to repack reasonably.

On these pages you will find our packing plan. This differs a little depending on the travel section.

The first planning step was to put everything together for our trip on the bike and see how we get it packed. The result can be seen on the pages Motorcycle (everything that needs to go on the motorcycle in addition to panniers, topcase and tank bag), Topcase (everything that's stored in the top case), Left pannier and Right pannier (everything what's in the panniers) and tank bag (content of the tank bag).

For the Motorcycle transportation you have to take care about certain things, which are not allowed on the bike. Therefore, we have to repack for this purpose. Wolle has to take a few things into his hand luggage.

For the flight there also is the distinction in carry-on baggage and baggage for Flight Brigitte and Flight Wolle.