This website was created using TYPO3, a free CMS (Content Management System). I would like to thank the many TYPO3-activists, especially Benjamin Kott, the creator of the bootstrap-package extension, which I use slightly modified for the output of the pages.

Thanks also to Jürgen Berkemeier for his excellent GPXViewer, which I have integrated on my pages for the presentation of GPX tracks. For this purpose, I have written a TYPO3 extension, which is not yet published. I will make it available on request whereby the legal requirements of Jürgen Berkemeier are to be observed.

The picture slideshows on the individual pages of the travelogues are linked in directly from a Synology diskstation. We manage all our photo data with PhotoStation 6.0 on a Synology diskstation. For the integration of individual shared directories from PhotoStation 6.0 on the Synology diskstation I have also written a simple TYPO3 extension, which I like to provide on request too.